Prohibited Activities

As the Scenic River System has come under increasing pressure from a variety of interests, the need for improved management through regulation has become critical to safeguard the rivers in the system. Conflicts have intensified between the increasing demands for recreation, land development, wildlife conservation, high quality water supplies, protection of landowner rights and ecological and scenic preservation. At the state, local, and national level there is strong interest in ensuring that the Scenic Rivers are conserved both as irreplaceable elements of Louisiana's rich natural heritage and as resources to be used and enjoyed by local residents and visitors.

Therefore, certain activities which drastically alter the natural and scenic qualities of rivers in the system are prohibited by the State of Louisiana. They are:

I.  Channelization

II.  Channel Realignment

III.  Clearing and Snagging

IV.  Impoundments

V. Commercial clear-cutting of timber within 100 feet of the low water mark

VI. Use of a motor vehicle or other wheeled or tracked vehicle on a designated system stream, except for permitted uses, and direct crossings by immediately adjacent landowners, lessees, or other persons who have written permission from the landowner to access adjoining tracts of land, for noncommercial activities in a manner that does not directly and significantly degrade the ecological integrity of the stream. Written permission must be in the person’s possession and include the landowner’s contact information.

VII. Any use requiring a permit where a permit has not been obtained