White Lake Wetlands Conservation Area Fishing and Boating Opportunities

White Lake Wetlands Conservation Area offers 100 fishing/boating permits for the Florence Canal and associated oil field location canals each year. Applications for these permits are available online in early January and must be submitted by mid-February. Selected applicants are offered the opportunity to purchase an annual White Lake Wetlands Conservation Area Fishing/Boating Permit for $40. Permitholders can boat and fish from sunrise to sunset from March 15th through August 15th of the respective year. Typical catch includes blue catfish, largemouth bass, and crappie (sac-a-lait). For those interested in boating, photography and ecotourism, there are plenty of reptiles as well as resident and migratory birds to be seen.

The following rules apply to the White Lake Wetlands Conservation Area Fishing/Boating Permit:

1.  Boating and fishing will be allowed in the Florence Canal and Oil Field Location Canals off of the Florence Canal ONLY. 

2.  There will be no boating or fishing in any of the marsh areas or in the main Camp canal or other areas that are marked “Restricted Use”. 

3.  All boats will be limited to a maximum of 40 horsepower motor. 

4.  All “No Wake” signs must be obeyed.

5.  Boating and fishing must be done from boat only. Access to levees or docks is restricted.

6.  Rod and reel sport fishing only (no archery fishing, trot lines, jug lines, etc.).

7.  Holder of the permit must be present (permit not transferrable).

8.  There will be no boat launching from the White Lake properties. (Permittee must use public boat launch.)

9.  Permit holder must have permit and boat decal.

10.  Any violations of Louisiana boating or fishing regulations or any rule violations will result in immediate termination of permit.

11. Permittee will not be allowed to enter onto the White Lake Wetlands Conservation Area until sunrise and must exit the property by sunset.

12. No firearms allowed on premises.