RWF Visitor Regulations

1. The visiting season on the Rockefeller Wildlife Refuge will extend from March 1st to December 1st throughout the Refuge except those restricted areas designated to prohibit interference with research and management activities. Use of Humble Canal; Joseph Harbor Bayou; Headquarters Canal; East End Road and Locks; Union Producing Canal; Deep Lake; East End Boundary Canal; and Rollover Bayou shall be year round. In addition to this access, sport fishermen shall be permitted to enter the Refuge from the Gulf side in Pigeon Bayou, Big Constance Bayou, and Little Constance Bayou. Access through these bayous will be permitted only as far inland as the existing water control structures. The remainder of the Refuge shall be restricted during the winter months and will be closed to all trespassing.

2. Use of the Refuge will be allowed from official sunrise until official sunset. This includes access routes through the Refuge.

3. Overnight camping is prohibited.

4. Hunting, pursuing, killing, molesting or intentionally disturbing any type of wildlife by the public is prohibited. This does not prohibit the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries from carrying out harvest programs for certain types of wildlife as specified in the Deed of Donation and/or Memorandum of Agreement.

5. Trawling on the Refuge is prohibited. Trotlines, jug lines, trammel and gill nets and traps are prohibited. All Commercial fishing and use of any commercial fishing gear on the Refuge is prohibited. Twenty-five (25) pounds of shrimp (heads on) per boat or vehicle per day is allowed during the inside open shrimp season as established by the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission. Ten (10) pounds of shrimp (heads on) for bait purposes may be caught during the closed season. Shrimp may be harvested only by cast net on the Refuge and only for sport fishing or home consumption use.

6. Crawfish may be harvested from the open portion of the Refuge and one-hundred (100) pounds per boat or vehicle is allowed per day. Set nets may be used but must be attended and removed from the Refuge daily. No commercial harvest is allowed.

7. Crabs may be harvested from the open portion of the Refuge adn twelve (12) dozen crabs are allowed per boat or vehicle per day.

8. The burning of the marsh by the public is prohibited. Water control structures shall not be tampered with or altered by anyone other than employees of the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries.

9. Bringing firearms, bows and arrows, liquor and controlled dangerour substances (drugs) onto the Refuge is prohibited. All boats and vehicles are subject to search by all authorized employees of the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries at anytime.

10. Speed boat racing and water skiing is prohibited.

11. No littering allowed. Visitors must remove their litter or place litter in appropriate litter disposal sites. Damage to or removal of trees, shrubs and wild plants without prior approval is prohibited.

12. Commercial fishing Sear or trawls shall not be permitted in possession while participating in sports fishing on Refuge. Commercial fishing gear may be in possession for non-stop access directly across Refuge or for safe harbor only.