Brown Snake

Common Name: 
Brown Snake
Scientific Name: 

Storeria dekayi

Small, Garden Variety Snakes

7-16 inches. Tan or brown above with a pale band down the back; most populations with a row of small black dots on either side of the middle of the back that may be connected by dark lines; coastal populations lack dark spots; dark streak or bar behind the eyes; underside beige to nearly white; small young have a pale collar; scales keeled and in 17 rows.


Brown snakes are the most frequently observed snake in suburban or urban portions of Louisiana. They tend to remain concealed beneath leaf litter, under surface objects or in dense ground cover. Brown snakes occasionally flatten the head, coil and strike when disturbed, leading to the mistaken belief that they are venomous. When striking, the mouth remains closed. They give birth to 4-24 young.


Throughout Louisiana.

Brown Snake
Brown Snake
Brown Snake