Eastern Hog-nosed Snake

Common Name: 
Eastern Hog-nosed Snake
Scientific Name: 

Heterodon platirhinos

Miscellaneous Harmless Snakes

15-42 inches. May be either pale gray, tan or brown with several rows of black spots down the back and sides, or, overall black or dark brown with a paler underside; scales keeled and in 25 rows. In young snakes the scales down the middle of the back are red or orange. The scale on the tip of the snout is pointed and upturned.


Hog-nosed snakes favor dry habitats with loose soils, preferably in mixed wooded and open country. Hog-nosed snakes rarely bite, but have a surprising repertoire of defensive behaviors. Upon first encounter, hog-nosed snakes will flatten and spread their necks cobra fashion. They will then hiss and strike, although the striking behavior is all bluff and no bite. If these postures don't scare off the potential predator, the snake will roll onto its back and play dead. Hog- nosed snakes feedprimarily on toads and frogs. They lay from 4-61 eggs.


Throughout the state, except swamplands, and only on high ground in the marshes.

Eastern Hog-nosed Snake