Graham's Crayfish Snake

Common Name: 
Graham's Crayfish Snake
Scientific Name: 

Regina grahamii

Water Snakes

15-45 inches. Gray or olive above, yellow to pale gray or tan on the belly and lowermost 3 scales rows; pale tan band may be present down the back; underside often with a central row of gray or black spots, and with a dark line on either side of the belly. The keeled scales are in 19 rows.


Crayfish snakes occur in and around marshes, swamps and bayous in lowlands, preferably in open areas. They are chiefly nocturnal and apparently spend much of the remainder of their time in crawfish burrows. They give birth to 4-39 young.


Low areas of the state in the Mississippi - Atchafalaya basins, Acadiana, and the Red and Ouachita river bottoms.

Graham's Crayfish Snake