Milk Snake

Common Name: 
Milk Snake
Scientific Name: 

Lampropeltis triangulum

Mimic snakes

14-30 inches. Series of black, red and white or yellow rings, with each red and white ring bordered on either side by black; rings often interrupted on belly by white or black line; snout may be black or red; scales smooth and in 21 rows.


Milk snakes tend to remain concealed within and under rotting logs, standing dead trees, and in cavities of live trees, primarily in bottomland hardwood forests and swamp margins, but extending into mixed pine woods in northern Louisiana. They lay from 3-9 eggs


Wooded and forested portions of Louisiana, but absent from the Florida Parishes beyond the Mississippi River floodplain. There are no records from the upland forests of north-central Louisiana, and from between mid-De Soto and mid-Evangeline parishes.

Milk Snake
Milk Snake