Prairie Kingsnake

Common Name: 
Prairie Kingsnake
Scientific Name: 

Lampropeltis calligaster

Large, Constricting Snakes

16-50 inches. Tan, brown or gray above with a row of dark brown to reddish, oblong or dumbbell-shaped spots down the back and a smaller series on each side; underside whitish with brown spotting; young snakes tend to be paler with more distinct spots than adults; color pattern may be darkened and vague in some adults; scales smooth and in 21-27 rows.


Prairie kingsnakes occur in open or semi-open habitats such as cropland, pastureland and dry woodland, but seem to spend much of their time in burrows. They lay from 4-21 eggs.


Pinelands of the Florida Parishes, and open, well-drained areas west of the Mississippi Valley and Atchafalaya Basin.

Prairie Kingsnake
Prairie Kingsnake