Red Corn Snake

Common Name: 
Red Corn Snake
Scientific Name: 

Pantherophis guttata

Large, Constricting Snakes

25-65 inches. Tan, yellow brown or reddish brown with a series of large, orange or reddish, black-bordered spots down the back and a smaller series on each side; top of head with reddish bands converging at a point between the eyes; underside white with a black checkerboard pattern; scales slightly keeled on top of back, and in 27 rows.


Red corn snakes frequent pine woods, mixed woodlands, and hardwood forests, and commonly occur in and around barns and other outbuildings where rodents are numerous. They lay from 4-28 eggs.


The Florida Parishes. A few corn snakes have been found in low country between the Mississippi River and Atchafalaya Basin, and they are also present on the salt dome islands around Cote Blanch Bay.

Red Corn Snake
Red Corn Snake