Frequently Asked Questions on Louisiana’s Draft Exempted Fishing Permit Application

In January 2018, LDWF will be submitting an application for an exempted fishing permit (EFP) from NOAA Fisheries. NOAA Fisheries can issue an EFP to authorize activities, which would otherwise be prohibited by federal fishery regulations, for limited testing, data collection, exploratory fishing, and other purposes. LDWF’s proposed EFP would test a state-based management approach that allows recreational harvest of red snapper in both state and federal waters off Louisiana during seasons set by the state. Landings would be monitored through Louisiana’s existing recreational landings data collection program (LA Creel). LDWF would track fishing at oil and gas platforms, artificial reefs, and natural bottom, and participants would also have the option to test new, voluntary electronic reporting methods. Seasons would be closed when landings approach or reach Louisiana’s recreational quota.

Read the draft application and review the Frequently Asked Questions below for more details (click each question to view the answer). Note that this application is still in draft form and is subject to change before it is submitted to NOAA Fisheries on January 18, 2018. The Frequently Asked Questions are based on the current draft application.

1. Who is eligible to participate in the EFP?

2. What is a Recreational Offshore Landing Permit (ROLP)?

3. Are state charter guides allowed to participate in the EFP?

4. What will participating in the EFP allow me to do?

5. How do I participate in the EFP?

6. When is the recreational red snapper season under the EFP?

7. How will LDWF inform participants about progress of the EFP season and potential closures?

8. What is the red snapper size and bag limit under the EFP?

9. If I sign up to participate in the EFP, what am I required to do?

10. Am I required to report my catch electronically under the EFP?

11. If I opt to participate in electronic reporting, how do I report my catch?

12. Do I have to have a boat to fish for red snapper during the EFP season?

13. Am I allowed to harvest red snapper in 2018 if I am not participating in the EFP?

14. Do I have to make my catch available for inspection by LDWF biologists, even if I return to a private dock?

15. Do I have to land my catch in Louisiana?

16. What happens if the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council passes the Louisiana Reef Fish Management Plan, allowing state management of red snapper, while the EFP is in progress?

17. What is the purpose of voluntary electronic reporting and the data LDWF is collecting?

18. What do we hope to learn from this EFP study?

19. Why is red snapper the only reef fish included in this EFP?

Printable FAQs (PDF)