State Wildlife Grants Program in Louisiana

One of the primary purposes of this program is its focus on conservation actions to benefit species of greatest conservation need taking into consideration the relative level of funding available for the conservation of those species. The program provides a new source of funds to aid in the conservation and management of fish and wildlife species not typically managed by state fish and wildlife agencies. This funding is intended to supplement, not replace or duplicate, existing fish and wildlife programs.

To date, Louisiana has received $7,379,990 in funding under the State Wildlife Grant program. The FY 2009 for Louisiana was $876,032.

Guidelines for the use of SWG funds are based on the type of project being carried out and must follow the match requirements developed by Congress. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has recently revised the definition of a planning grant. Please review the following grant categories carefully and adjust proposals to include the appropriate match.

  • Planning grants include activities that update, modify, or revise a state's existing Wildlife Action Plan. This includes collection of public opinion information or input, coordination meetings, or other activities that strengthen collaboration among partners. All activities must support efforts to update, modify, or revise the state's Wildlife Action Plan. Planning activities are funded at the 75/25 match level.
  • Implementation grants include ongoing, continuing, or new research, inventories, on-the-ground management actions, land acquisition, facility construction, education, and most public outreach activities. Implementation activities are funded at the 50/50 match level.

The department has placed a priority on using SWG funds for projects which will benefit species of conservation concern that currently receive little to no funding (see links below). The department intends to emphasize species that are not commercially or recreationally hunted, trapped, or fished, or wildlife populations about which we have specific conservation concerns. To meet the legislative intent of the State Wildlife Grant program, the primary focus of the conservation strategy will be on non-game species, while retaining the flexibility to include other high priority conservation targets identified in the development of the comprehensive strategy.