Trapping Licenses


Who needs a trapping license?

You must have a current trapping license to set or run traps of any type to catch furbearers during the open trapping season OR to sell pelts or carcasses of furbearers*. This includes bobcat, raccoon, and/or opossum hunters selling pelts and/or meat. You must have your license in your possession while trapping or selling pelts or carcasses.


*Furbearers are beaver, bobcat, coyote, gray fox, mink, muskrat, nutria, opossum, river otter, red fox, raccoon and skunk.

How do I purchase a trapping license?

You can purchase a trapping license a variety of ways:

  • Via phone at 1-888-765-2602 (toll-free)
  • Online
  • At many LDWF offices (Baton Rouge, Alexandria, Lake Charles, Monroe, and Opelousas) and local retailers

Phone and online payment options include Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express or E-check; these purchases include a small handling fee.


If you purchase your license via phone, you will receive an authorization number so you can use your license immediately. We will also mail you a license.


If you purchase your license online, you will receive an authorization number so you can use your license immediately. You will also receive a PDF of your license, which you can print and/or save to the electronic device you take trapping.


If you purchase your license via a mobile device (smartphone, laptop, tablet, etc.), you will not receive a license in the mail. You will receive a text with a temporary authorization number and an email with the temporary authorization number and a PDF of your licenses, which you can print and/or save to the electronic device you take trapping.

When do licenses expire?

Annual trapping licenses go on sale June 1 each year. They are valid from the date of purchase and expire on June 30 each year.

How do I qualify for resident license rates?

To purchase a license at the resident rate, you must meet the bona fide residency requirements defined below and present one of the following valid forms of identification:

  • Louisiana driver’s license (valid for 6 months or more)
  • Louisiana identification card (issued by the Louisiana Department of Public Safety)

If you obtain a resident license but do not comply with the bona fide residency requirements as stated below, you will be subject to criminal and/or civil sanctions.


Bona Fide Residency Requirements:

You’re a bona fide resident if you’ve resided in the state of Louisiana continuously during the 6 months immediately prior to the date you apply for any license and if you’ve established Louisiana as your legal domicile. You must demonstrate compliance with all of the following, as applicable:

  • If you’re registered to vote, you’re registered to vote in Louisiana
  • If you’re licensed to drive a motor vehicle, you have a valid Louisiana driver’s license
  • If you own a motor vehicle located within Louisiana, you have a valid Louisiana registration for that vehicle
  • If you earn an income, you have filed a Louisiana state income tax return and have complied with state income tax law and regulations.

With respect to a corporation or other legal entity, a resident is incorporated or otherwise organized under and subject to the laws of Louisiana, is domiciled in Louisiana, and has a permanent physical location of business in Louisiana where records are held.


Any person, corporation, or other legal entity that possesses a resident license from any other state or country shall not qualify for a resident license in Louisiana.

How do I replace a lost license?

If you lost your license, you can purchase a duplicate for $2 per license. If you purchased it online or through a mobile device, you can reprint it for free.

License Types and Fees

License Type


Resident Trapping (under age 15)


Resident Trapping (age 15 or older)


Nonresident Trapping