Trapping in Louisiana Black Bear Country

Although not required by the regulations, the department strongly advises trappers not to use snares in areas where bears are present. Several bears have been captured in snares intended for feral hog or coyotes. Trappers are advised instead to use foot-hold traps for coyotes and cage or corral traps for hogs in these areas.  However, if a trapper chooses to utilize a snare the following are strongly recommended:

• Use a break-away device rated at 350 lbs. or less.
• Use a relaxing snare lock.
• Securely anchor the snare so that the break-away device can function properly. Do not use a drag.
• Position the snare so that the cable will not become entangled in vegetation or another object.
• Immediately remove the snare if bears or bear sign are observed in the area.
• Check the snare at least every 24 hours, as required by state law, but preferably more often.


Please refer to the following pamplet for more information on trapping in bear country: