University Study Programs

LSU School of Renewable Natural Resources

Nicholls State University

BS Biology-Marine Biology Concentration
MS Marine and Envionmental Biology

University of Louisiana at Lafayette 

MS Biology - classes in marine biology, ecology and evolutionary biology focus
PhD Biology - classes in marine biology, ecology, and evolutionary biology focus


Biology focus, Minor in Wildlife Management


Ag Center aquaculture waste utilization research, Dr. Calvin Walker


BS in Biology (ecology, environmental biology, and evolutionary biology focus)
MS in Biology (wetland ecology, conservation biology focus)

University of New Orleans

BS in Biology (conservation biology, community ecology, ichthyology)
MS in Biology
PhD in Conservation Biology

University of New Orleans

BS in Earth and Environmental Science (EES) in environmental science and policy
MS in EES (coastal marine geology focus)
PhD in EES

Louisiana Tech


University of Louisiana at Monroe