Whooping Crane Reporting Form

If you are lucky enough to see whooping cranes, please do not approach them closely, even in a vehicle, to avoid habituating the birds to human activity. LDWF also asks that no location information more specific than county or parish level be shared on social media, bird listservs or other public sites.

If you saw a Whooping Crane in the Eastern United States, please report it here.

If you saw a Whooping Crane in the Western United States, please report it here.

NOTE: Whooping Cranes in the Louisiana population have been known to travel into the surrounding states.

We appreciate as much information as you are willing or able to provide!

To view our Whooping Crane identification sheet, click here.

Additional Location Information: If you have any information that would help us pinpoint the location, please include it here. For example; nearest town and distance and direction from that town; nearest road and/or road intersection; GPS coordinates; landowner; or Township, Range, and Section.

Click here for examples of how to report leg bands on whooping cranes.

If you saw bands on the bird's legs, let us know the band color combinations. Even incomplete records of color combinations may be valuable as they could allow us to narrow down which crane was sighted.
Each leg has one to three colored leg bands. The bands are red, blue or yellow. For each whooping crane that you saw leg bands, tell us on which leg you saw the bands (right or left), how many bands on that leg, and the color and placement of each band.

Please list any other information that you think may be useful or interesting that was not captured in the fields above.

On a scale of 1-5 (with 5 being the most confident) how confident are you that you observed a Whooping Crane?

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