Swallow-Tailed Kite Sightings

Biologist Jennifer Coulson and LDWF request that you please report sightings of the rare swallow-tailed kite. 

Of particular interest are:

  • Any sightings of a kite on LDWF managed lands
  • Areas where kites are often seen
  • Sightings of more than one kite
  • Sightings where kite(s) vocalized (giving kee-kee-kee or klee-klee-klee calls)
  • Kites carrying nest material or food
  • Nests or roosts
  • Any kites found injured, ill, or dead.

Please report the following information about each sighting (if known):

  • Date of sighting
  • Time of day
  • Number observed
  • Location [please be specific and include the Parish or County, nearest town and approximate distance to it, nearest road (including street address if applicable) or road junctions, nearest river or creek]
  • What you observed the birds doing (e.g., one perched in a cottonwood while another circled overhead)
  • Observer's name and contact information (phone number with area code and email address)

To Report a Sighting:
Email Jennifer Coulson at jacoulson@aol.com or call her at 504-717-3544

Jennifer Coulson is studying the population ecology of the swallow-tailed kite. She is trying to determine the geographic range of this species within Louisiana and Mississippi, the current population size, and factors that may limit the current population size. Aspects of her study include nest monitoring, a radio-telemetry based survivorship study, characterization of nesting and roosting habitat, and aerial surveys of premigration roosts.