Pomme de Terre WMA




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Pomme de Terre WMA is a bottomland hardwood forest. The terrain is primarily low and flat, but several ridges transect the property, primarily running from east to west. These ridges border and intersect Sutton Lake, a rain dependent wetland that is popular for wintering waterfowl and waterfowl hunters.

The overstory consists mostly of hackberry, locust, elm, ash, maple, and sweetgum. Nuttall and overcup oaks are scattered throughout the WMA. Willow is dominant in the low lying areas, and bald cypress is found toward the ridges. Box elder and sycamore are also common. The understory consists of haws, deciduous holly, dogwood, elderberry, and seedlings of the overstory. Other understory plants include poison ivy, peppervine, greenbrier, and blackberry. Open water and marshy areas, which comprise about 60 percent of the total WMA, contain water hyacinth, duckweed, lotus, cutgrass, and buttonbush.

Activities and Amenities

Hunting and trapping: Popular game species on Pomme de Terre WMA include white-tailed deer, turkey, squirrel, waterfowl, and rabbit. There is a youth deer season and a youth turkey lottery hunt. Wintering waterfowl populations vary annually. Trapping for furbearers is allowed. See regulations for details.

Fishing and boating: There is a boat launch into Sutton Lake (see map). There is limited recreational fishing on Pomme de Terre WMA; commercial fishing is allowed by permit. See regulations for details.

Camping: There is one primitive camping area.

Other: hiking, photography, birding


Pomme de Terre WMA is located off LA Hwy 451, 6 miles east of Moreauville. Vehicles can access the WMA by a gravel road at the southwest corner of the property. Interior access by water is limited; however, there are about 8 miles of ATV trails that provide access to the majority of the WMA.