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02 July
8:00 AM 2:00 PM

Boater Education Class - East Baton Rouge Parish

The course includes information on choosing a boat, classification, hulls, motors, legal and equipment requirements, navigation rules, navigation charts, trailering, sailboats, and related subjects that include canoeing, personal watercraft and more. Participants who complete and pass the course will be certified the same day with a temporary Boater's Education Safety Certificate. A permanent certification will be emailed to the email address used at registration in approximately 2 weeks. Parents will not be allowed into the classroom during instruction unless registered to take the class themselves. All students will be required to bring their own lunch or have means to get lunch during a 30-minute break period. Students who leave for lunch will need to be back at the time determined during class, or they will not be allowed to continue and will not be certified.

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