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Fisheries Student Internships

LDWF's Office of Fisheries offers internships to provide prospective fisheries biologists with relevant experience to help guide their future career decisions. There is no substitute for on the job experience. Each intern is matched with an employee that will serve as his/her mentor. We will advertise specific internship opportunities when available. Internships include specific, potentially complex tasks related to a project or program. We expect interns to complete tasks on their own, provide assistance with literature reviews, and participate in field activities. We require every intern to prepare a final report describing his/her experience including their understanding of how the activities within LDWF's Office of Fisheries serve the residents of Louisiana.  


Current Internship Opportunities



Applicants must currently be enrolled in school. Students that graduate in May are eligible for a summer internship.


To be determined based on specific opportunity, applicant's request, and/or review of applicant’s interests. 



To be determined based on project or program. Internships provide experience through short-term projects.


College credit is contingent upon university approval. Interns may receive $10 per hour. 


Interested in student internships within LDWF's Office of Wildlife? Please contact Ty Medlen at