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Reminder to Hunters: Turkey Season Closure on Richard K. Yancey and Sherburne WMAs:

The 2023 turkey hunting season on the Richard K. Yancey and Sherburne Wildlife Management Areas is closed for 2023. Above-average rainfall for eight of the last 11 years, along with intensive flooding for long durations during the nesting and brood-rearing periods in these areas, are thought to be part of a decline in reproductive success of turkeys, thus requiring the action.

Chronic Wasting Disease

Review the CWD control area rules, report a symptomatic deer, research carcass regulations, and learn about LDWF efforts to fight Chronic Wasting Disease.

Spotted Seatrout Management Changes Are Propsed

The commission adopted an NOI to increase the minimum size limit of spotted seatrout to 13.5 inches total length from the current 12 inches minimum total length and to decrease the current 25 fish daily bag limit to 15 fish daily bag limit. Learn more here.

WMA Access and Self-Clearing Permits Required on LDWF WMAs, Refuges, Conservation Areas, and Shooting Ranges

Visitors must have a WMA Access Permit, Senior Hunting/Fishing License, Louisiana Sportsman's Paradise License, or a Lifetime Hunting/Fishing License to visit an LDWF WMA, Refuge, or Conservation Area, including Shooting Ranges, for any reason. The WMA Access Permit only covers access onto the property—it does NOT convey hunting or fishing privileges.

New Commercial and Recreational License Changes

Beginning June 1, LDWF has implemented a new fee structure for hunting and fishing licenses and boat registrations. The new fee structure streamlines the old process, reducing the number of licenses required for hunters and anglers.

Resources for New Hunters

To help the next generation of hunters learn to hunt, we have assembled some useful videos and links to resources to help you on your hunting journey.

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