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Archery in Louisiana Schools

Archery in Louisiana Schools (ALAS) is a part of the National Archery in the Schools Program, which introduces students in grades 4 through 12 to international target-style archery. The program is designed to be taught as part of the school’s curriculum, such as in the school’s physical education program. Many schools involved in ALAS also develop after school programs and archery clubs. Students at schools that teach the ALAS curriculum are eligible to compete in state, national, and even world archery tournaments.

Archery is a great way to get students involved in not only a lifelong sport but also in their school and in the outdoors. ALAS seeks to inspire confidence in students through the focus and discipline that archery requires. Statistically, students involved in an archery in the schools program work harder in the classroom and feel more connected to their school. These programs engage both boys and girls equally.

How to Start an ALAS Program at Your School

Step 1

School administrators must agree to offer NASP-style archery.

Step 2

Instructors must be trained as Basic Archery Instructors (BAI). BAIs must be at least 18 years old and trained by a BAIT or BAIT Specialist level instructor. BAI classes are approximately 8 to 12 hours. Candidates must pass the BAI practical and score at least 80% on the exam.

Step 3

Schools must obtain the proper equipment, which can be ordered directly from NASP. Equipment can be expensive—LDWF offers grants for Louisiana schools new to ALAS to purchase equipment or they can use loaner equipment.  

Equipment Grants

LDWF offers 20 equipment grants to schools new to ALAS each year. These grants provide a portion of the equipment required to administer the program curriculum at no cost to the school.

Eligibility depends on the following:

  • One teacher trained as a NASP BAI
  • No current NASP equipment
  • Ability to obtain the remaining NASP equipment not provided by the grant 
  • Completed LDWF/ALAS equipment grant application
  • Submission of a letter of interest detailing the reason your school is interested in ALAS
  • Acceptance to equipment acquisition terms:
    • Maintain a certified BAI for three years
    • Teach NASP curriculum for three years
    • Maintain equipment in proper condition.

Schools receive grants based on LDWF determination.

Loaner Equipment

LDWF offers loaner equipment kits which include all of the equipment you need to teach the ALAS curriculum (ten right-handed Genesis bows, two left-handed Genesis bows, five targets, arrows, an arrow curtain, ten quivers, and a bow rack). Stringbow and range line material are not included. If you are interested in a loaner equipment kit, email Chad Moore at Please include the dates that you would like to reserve equipment and submit your request as soon as possible to ensure availability. Loaner equipment kits are typically available for two to six weeks.

Sponsor an ALAS Program

We look forward to partnering with Louisiana companies and organizations that see the value of the ALAS program. Because of our Sponsors, we can award in excess of $20,000 in scholarships to Louisiana archers at the Bullseye and 3D tournaments annually! We have expanded the program and now host multiple tournaments a year, providing additional opportunities for student participation and for our sponsors to promote themselves while supporting a program that benefits our youth. There are numerous levels of sponsorship:

Sponsorship Levels

Please contact Chad Moore at or 318.230.4352 for more information. All donations must be made payable to the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)(3). Your donation will be be used for the ALAS program only. We sincerely appreciate our sponsors’ contributions.

2024 Tournaments

January 12-13, 2024
Bossier Civic Center
Bossier LA

January 26-27, 2024
LSUA Mega Shelter
Alexandria, LA

February 23-24, 2024
LSUA Mega Shelter
Alexandria, LA

March 8-9, 2024
LSUA Mega Shelter Alexandria, LA

Stay in Touch

For more information, contact Chad Moore at

BAI Reporting

All BAIs must report hours to LDWF and NASP every year. 

Report to LDWF via the form below. See example for assistance. 

Report to NASP online