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Pearl River

Pearl River WMA has flat terrain with poor drainage and is subject to annual flooding. The forest cover varies from an all age hardwood stand in the northern 45 percent, to cypress tupelo in the middle 35 percent, and intermediate marsh in the southern 20 percent. The mixed hardwoods are made up of water, nuttall, cow, obtusa, overcup, and live oak; bitter pecan; hickory; beech; magnolia; sweetgum; and elm. The overstory varies from moderately open to closed.


For more information, contact Forest Burks at, or 985.543.4777.

Activities and Amenities

Hunting and trapping: Available game species include white-tailed deer, squirrel, rabbit, waterfowl, snipe, and woodcock. There are youth deer and squirrel seasons as well as youth and general turkey lottery hunts. Trapping is available for furbearers, including beaver, nutria, mink, muskrat, opossum, raccoon, coyote, and bobcat. See regulations for details.

Shooting range: There is a shooting range on Pearl River WMA that is available for public use at specified times.

Fishing and boating: There are numerous streams and bayous on Pearl River WMA available for fishing, crawfishing, canoeing, and boating. There are also several ponds on the northern end of the WMA along I-59. See regulations for details.

Camping: Camping is available at Crawford Landing.

Other: Hiking, photography, birding


When the river gauge at the town of Pearl River reaches 16.5 feet, Old Hwy 11 and all hunting, except waterfowl, are closed.








Pearl River WMA is located about 6 miles east of Slidell and about 1 mile east of the town of Pearl River. You can access the WMA by vehicle from Old Hwy 11 and by boat. There are several boat ramps along U.S. Hwy 90 and concrete ramps at Davis and Crawford Landings, all of which have ample parking. There is also a commercial ramp at Old Indian Village.