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The terrain on Sabine WMA varies from rolling hills to creek bottoms. The major timber type is loblolly pine. Upland overstory species also include red, post, and white oak; hickory; and sweetgum. Upland understory species include yaupon, French mulberry, hawthorn, sassafras, black cherry, wax myrtle, huckleberry, and dogwood. The creek bottoms have an overstory comprised of beech; willow, water, and southern red oak; red maple; black and sweetgum; and magnolia, and an understory of ironwood, dogwood, wild azalea, deciduous holly, and seedlings of the overstory.


Activities and Amenities

Hunting and trapping: Available game species include deer, squirrel, rabbit, waterfowl, quail, dove, and woodcock. Turkey hunting is available by lottery only. There is also a youth deer season. Trapping is allowed; available species are mink, raccoon, opossum, skunk, fox, beaver, and coyote. See regulations for details.

In addition, there is a physically challenged deer season.

Camping: There is a primitive camping area in the northwest portion of the WMA.

Other: Hiking, photography, birding










Hancock Timber



Sabine WMA is located approximately 5 miles south of Zwolle. Access the WMA via LA Hwy 6 or U.S. Hwy 171.