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The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries would like to congratulate Scott Black and Jeff Perot for winning the LDWF durable license card contest. 

LDWF Hard Cards

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries began selling durable collector’s license cards in April of 2024.  These collectible cards will allow you to carry all of your active licenses on one long-lasting card that fits right in your wallet.  These collector cards feature artwork from our very own outdoor enthusiasts.

 If you have already purchased your annual licenses or have a lifetime license, you will have the option to upgrade to one of the new collector’s cards for $5.00 (plus a $3.50 convenience fee). That card will display all active privileges held by its owner.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are Hard Cards?

Hard Cards are an optional, durable card that lists any and all active/current licenses a customer holds. It also lists an individual’s hunter education number and boating education number, if applicable.

How do I purchase a Hard Card?

Can I purchase a Hard Card for my Lifetime License?

Yes, Hard Cards can be purchased to display a Lifetime License.

Are Hard Cards mandatory?

No, Hard Cards are not mandatory. They are an optional way to have a physical, durable copy of an individual’s active hunting and fishing licenses.  

How much is a Hard Card?

A Hard Card is $5.00 each plus a $3.50 convenience fee.

Do Hard Cards automatically renew when I purchase or update my licenses?

No, Hard Cards do not automatically renew or update. You must purchase a new Hard Card for any updated license(s) you purchase or renew.

Do Hard Cards expire?

No, Hard Cards do not expire, only the license privileges (other than a Lifetime License), which will be noted on the card.

What licenses are shown on Hard Cards?

All 365 licenses (licenses that are valid for a year when purchased) and lifetime licenses are shown on Hard Cards.

Do Hard Cards display hunter education and boating safety?

Yes, Hard Cards display your hunter education number and boating safety number if applicable.

Can Hard Cards display my hunting tags?

As of right now, Hard Cards do not display hunting tags.

Do Hard Cards affect how tagging works?

No, Hard Cards do not affect how tagging works.

Can youth hunters and fishers have Hard Cards?

Yes, Hard Cards are for all hunters and fishers with active licenses.

How are the Hard Card photos selected?

The photos displayed on the Hard Cards were submitted to the department by the general public as part of a contest. Then, the public voted on their top three favorite images and the ones with the most votes were selected as the winners.