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Louisiana Wildlife Agents Association (LWAA)

The Louisiana Wildlife Agents Association is made up of every current LDWF Enforcement agent and also many retirees.  It is engaged year round in helping the great outdoors, hunting and fishing education, and conservation in the Sportsmans Paradise.

LWAA Mission Statement

Foster, protect, and Promote the welfare and interest of all classified commissioned wildlife enforcement agents, active or retired.Encourage and promote the constant improvement of public service rendered  by the Division of Enforcement, Department of Wildlife Fisheries.

LWAA in the Community

The LWAA is a proud sponsor of the follwing:
Wounded Warrior Hunts
Special Olympics Louisiana
Wish I could of Louisiana
Families Understanding Nature (FUN) Camps
Operation Game Thief
Louisiana Waterways Assistance
Officer Emergency Relief Assistance
Tiffany Thomas Memorial Foundation

LWAA Magazine and Website

The LWAA produces a triannual magazine.  If interested in obtaining a copy of the magazine or to be a sponsor of the magazine, please visit

LWAA Merchandise

Please visit the LWAA merchandise store that helps support the LWAA.  All sales can be tax deductible and go towards the LWAA mission of helping the Sportsman Paradise here in Louisiana through education and conservation.  The LWAA is comprised of current and retired Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries enforcement agents.  The LWAA is a 501C charity organization that focuses on donating to charities, individuals and fellow agents and their families during times of need.  The LWAA tax ID is located on the website.