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Commercial Saltwater Finfish

Harvesting, Processing, and Selling

Louisiana’s coastal waters provide some of the most productive natural habitats in the world, creating an environment that nurtures dozens of abundant finfish species from spotted seatrout and black drum to sheepshead and shark. A number of offshore finfish species (managed by federal authorities) such as amberjack, snapper, grouper, and yellowfin tuna are also landed in Louisiana. These finfish resources provide tremendous opportunities for commercial fishing, making Louisiana a major source of domestic seafood for the United States.

— Finfish stock assessments —

LDWF analyzes data collected from sampling fish and monitoring commercial fisheries to assess the status of finfish populations in state waters and ensure fishing and other factors are not negatively impacting these species.

Louisiana Finfish Task Force

The Louisiana Finfish Task Force (representatives from commercial and recreational finfish fisheries and relevant state agencies) was established to study and monitor the finfish industry and to make recommendations to the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission, LDWF, and other state agencies for the maximization of benefit from that industry for the state of Louisiana and its citizens.

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