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Report a Whooping Crane Sighting or Violation

If you are lucky enough to see a whooping crane, please do not approach it, even in a vehicle, to avoid habituating the birds to human activity. If you share the sighting on social media, bird listservs, or other public sites, please do not share location information more specific than county or parish level.

In addition, please report your sighting to help us track the cranes. We appreciate as much information as you are willing or able to provide.

Whooping crane map

If you see a whooping crane elsewhere in the eastern United States (besides Louisiana), please report it here. If you see a whooping crane in the western United States, please report it here.

Note that whooping cranes in the Louisiana population have been known to travel into surrounding states.


If you witness poaching or any other illegal activity related to whooping cranes, please report it to LDWF’s Law Enforcement Division at 800.442.2511.