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Miscellaneous Licenses and Permits

If you: You must have a/an: Fees and notes
Use a helicopter to locate, pursue, take, harass, or kill feral hogs Aerial Feral Hog Control Permit

Free. Valid for calendar year issued and expires on December 31 of each year. For more information, contact Melissa Collins at or tel:9855434777.

Take white-tailed deer during the closed season when deer are causing substantial damage to commercial agricultural crops or orchards Emergency Deer Removal Permit Free. For more information, contact Johnathan Bordelon at or 318.487.5334.
Dredge fill material, sand, or gravel from water bottoms of the state Dredge Fill Material License

Fees vary depending on the license class:

  • Class A: Commercial Sale - $50 license fee/$0.29 per cubic yard
  • Class B: Commercial Non-Sale - $50 license fee/$0.25 per cubic yard
  • Class C: Residential - $25 license fee/$0.15 per cubic yard
  • Class D: Beneficial Use - $25 license fee/$0.05 per cubic yard
  • Class E: All Other Uses - $25 license fee/$0.25 per cubic yard. 

See the rules and regulations and state statute for more information. 

Submit payments to:
LDWF Revenue Section
PO Box 80399
Baton Rouge, LA 70898

Submit application, required documents, and copy of payment via email to or mail to:
Dave Butler
Permits Coordinator
2000 Quail Drive
Suite 467
Baton Rouge, LA 70808

For more information, contact Dave Butler at or 504.286.4173.

  Houseboat Mooring Permit Free. Contact Matthew Weigel at 985.543.4777 for more information. 
Are holding an organized event on the water that may introduce extra or unusual safety hazards on navigable waterways Marine Event Permit
Take squirrels found destroying commercial crops of pecans Nuisance Squirrel Permit Free. Valid for 30 days from the date permit is issued. For more information, contact Melissa Collins at or 225.763.8584.
Offer commercial services for controlling nuisance wildlife Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator Permit

No fee. You must have valid Louisiana Basic Hunting and Trapping Licenses; if servicing non-protected reptile and/or amphibian nuisance calls, you must have a valid Louisiana Basic Fishing License. For more information, contact Melissa Collins at or 985.543.4777.

Conduct activities or uses that could have detrimental ecological impacts on designated Scenic Rivers Scenic Rivers Permit
Capture/handle wildlife, fish, or threatened or endangered plants in Louisiana for research or monitoring purposes, whether individuals are temporarily held (e.g. bird banding) or lethally collected Scientific Collecting Permit

Free. Note that you must also have federal permits for some projects such as those related to migratory birds and endangered species.

For information on freshwater or saltwater fish permits, contact Rob Bourgeois at or 225.765.0765. For information on LDWF's Wildlife Diversity Program or terrestrial permits, contact Sarabeth Klueh-Mundy at or 225.765.0239.

Conduct any seismic exploration activity in the state of Louisiana Seismic Exploration Permits
Possess migratory birds for taxidermy work and perform taxidermy work on migratory birds Taxidermy Work Permit Contact the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's Migratory Bird Permit Office at 404.679.7049.
Import, transport, or possess live triploid grass carp in Louisiana for use in privately owned waterbodies Triploid Grass Carp Possession and Transportation Permit

$50. Complete application and submit with applicable fee to address on application. Call 225.765.2898 to check on permit status. Contact your LDWF regional office for questions regarding grass carp stocking. Note that you may only purchase triploid grass carp from an approved fingerling producer.

Import, transport, possess, and sell live triploid grass carp in Louisiana Triploid Grass Carp Sales Permit

$100. Complete application and submit with the applicable fee to address on application. Call 225.765.2898 to check on permit status.

Rehabilitate wildlife in Louisiana Wildlife Rehabilitation Permit