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Hunting Licenses, Permits, and Tags

Residents and nonresident hunters age 16 or older must have a Basic Hunting License to hunt, take, possess or transport any wild birds or quadrupeds (for which hunting is permitted and seasons are opened).

Additional special licenses are required to hunt, take, possess, or transport deer, turkey, bobcat, or migratory waterfowl or to hunt with a bow or primitive firearm.

Hunters must have licenses (or license numbers) and a physical form of identification on their person while hunting.

No person born on or after September 1, 1969, shall hunt unsupervised unless that person has been issued a certificate of satisfactorily completion of a Hunter Education course approved by LDWF. Please see Mandatory Hunter Education for exceptions, requirements, and methods for taking approved hunter education courses. 

Licenses are available at special rates for seniors, military, students, and people with disabilities. Lifetime licenses are also available.

The following individuals are not required to have Basic, Big Game, Bow, or Primitive Firearm hunting licenses or Louisiana Duck or Turkey stamps:

  • Residents and nonresidents under age 16 (i.e. age 15 and under)
  • Residents born before June 1, 1940 who have lived in Louisiana for 6 months

However, these individuals must have proof of age in their possession whenever hunting.

Annual hunting licenses go on sale June 1 each year. They are valid from the date of purchase and expire on June 30 each year.


License and Permit Types and Fees

License / Permit Type Resident Fee Nonresident Fee
Basic Hunting $15 $150
Big Game  (deer, turkey, or bobcat; required in addition to Basic Hunting License) $14 $150
Bow (bow hunting season only)  $10.50 $26
Primitive Firearm (special deer season for primitive firearms only) $10.50 $26
Louisiana Duck (Waterfowl) $5.50 $25
Federal Duck Stamp (required for all waterfowl hunters 16 years of age and older, even those who are not otherwise required to purchase a license) $27.22 $27.22
Louisiana Wild Turkey (turkey; required in addition to Basic and Big Game Hunting licenses) $5.50 $20.50
HIP Certification (required in addition to all other applicable licenses for migratory game birds—mourning doves, ducks, geese, woodcock, rails, snipe, coots or gallinules) Free Free
WMA Hunting Permit (to hunt on any land managed by LDWF, including wildlife refuges, wildlife management areas, and habitat conservation areas; required for hunters age 18-59) $15 $15
Game Breeder’s License for Falconry (Falconry License; to practice falconry in Louisiana; must also have a current, valid Hunting License; Falconry Licenses will not be issued for pets or the pet trade/industry) $25 plus one-time $50 facility inspection fee  
Nonresident Small Game/Migratory Bird1 (1 day) $29
Nonresident Deer1  (1 day) $36
Nonresident Turkey1 (1 day)  $36
Senior Hunting/Fishing2 $5
Louisiana Sportsman's Paradise3 $100
Louisiana Native Basic Hunting4 $15
Louisiana Native Big Game4 $14
Louisiana Native Bow4 $10.50
Louisiana Native Primitive Firearm4 $10.50
Louisiana Native Louisiana Duck4 $5.50
Louisiana Native Louisiana Turkey4 $5.50
Nonresident Hunting Preserve (October 1-April 30)5 $15

1Nonresidents may purchase temporary hunting licenses to hunt small game (including migratory birds), deer (with any approved weapon), and turkey for one-day periods. These licenses are all-inclusive—you do not need any other license—and are valid for one day only.
2Any resident who turned 60 years old on or after June 1, 2000 must obtain a Senior Hunting/Fishing License to hunt or fish. This license is in lieu of Basic and Saltwater fishing licenses; Basic, Big Game, Bow, and Primitive Firearm hunting licenses; Louisiana Waterfowl and Turkey stamps; and the WMA Hunting Permit. This license does not include special gear such as trawls, crab traps, crawfish traps, hoop nets, etc.
3The Louisiana Sportsman’s Paradise License includes Basic and Saltwater fishing licenses; Basic, Big Game, Bow, and Primitive Firearm hunting licenses; Louisiana Duck and Turkey stamps, the WMA Hunting Permit; and all recreational gear licenses except for recreational trawls longer than 16 feet.
4If you were born in Louisiana but are not currently a resident, you may purchase Louisiana Native Hunting Licenses, which are valid for five consecutive days. These temporary hunting licenses are available for Basic Hunting as well as other licenses or permits required in addition to the Basic Hunting License, such as Big Game License or Turkey Stamp. These licenses are available at any Louisiana license vendor. You must present an original or certified original birth certificate from the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals and photo identification when you purchase these licenses.
5Only allows you to hunt pen-raised birds on a hunting preserve; in lieu of a basic hunting license. However, if you are taking or hunting mallards, you must also have a Louisiana duck license.

How do I purchase a hunting license?

You can purchase a hunting license*:

*This does not apply to most military, student, disability, and lifetime licenses. See Special Licenses for details.

Online payment options include Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, or E-check; these purchases include a small handling fee.

If you purchase your license online, you will receive an authorization number so you can use your license immediately. You will also receive a PDF of your license, which you can print and/or save to the electronic device you take hunting.

If you purchase your license via a mobile device (smartphone, laptop, tablet, etc.), you will not receive a license in the mail. You will receive a text with a temporary authorization number and an email with the temporary authorization number and a PDF of your licenses, which you can print and/or save to the electronic device you take hunting.

Louisiana citizens with a Louisiana driver’s license or ID card can also now use the LA Wallet app to display their purchased LDWF licenses on their smartphone. 

How do I qualify for resident rates?

To purchase a license at the resident rate, you must meet the bona fide residency requirements defined below and present one of the following valid forms of identification:

  • Louisiana driver’s license (valid for 6 months or more)
  • Louisiana identification card (issued by the Louisiana Department of Public Safety)

If you obtain a resident license but do not comply with the bona fide residency requirements as stated below, you will be subject to criminal and/or civil sanctions.

Bona Fide Residency Requirements:

You’re a bona fide resident if you’ve resided in the state of Louisiana continuously during the 6 months immediately prior to the date you apply for any license and if you’ve established Louisiana as your legal domicile. You must demonstrate compliance with all of the following, as applicable:

  • If you’re registered to vote, you’re registered to vote in Louisiana
  • If you’re licensed to drive a motor vehicle, you have a valid Louisiana driver’s license
  • If you own a motor vehicle located within Louisiana, you have a valid Louisiana registration for that vehicle
  • If you earn an income, you have filed a Louisiana state income tax return and have complied with state income tax law and regulations.

Any person, corporation, or other legal entity that possesses a resident license from any other state or country shall not qualify for a resident license in Louisiana.

How do I replace a lost license?

If you lost your license, you can purchase a duplicate for $2 per license. If you purchased it online or through a mobile device, you can reprint it for free. No duplicates are allowed for temporary licenses (e.g. 1-day nonresident licenses).

Louisiana/Mississippi Agreement

If you hold a Mississippi hunting license, you have the same rights and privileges as provided by law for a Louisiana hunting license holder to hunt wild game birds and quadrupeds on islands in and around the waters of the Mississippi River and other land resulting from accretion along the Mississippi River at the Louisiana and Mississippi border.


Did you know?

Next time you renew your driver’s license at the Office of Motor Vehicles, you can add a Lifetime Hunting, Lifetime Fishing, Lifetime Combination, Boater Education, and/or Hunter Education endorsement to your license for free. If you have one or more of these endorsements, you do not have to carry the applicable license or certification card with you as long as you have your driver’s license.

In addition, Louisiana citizens with a Louisiana driver’s license or ID card can now use the LA Wallet app to display their purchased LDWF licenses on their smartphone.