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Seismic Exploration Permits

For more information, contact Joe Maryman at or 225.765.2380.

Seismic exploration uses energy waves to generate a profile of subsurface reflective layers that help define potential oil and gas traps. The energy waves can be produced by explosives detonated below the ground, air guns that emit a burst of air at the surface of waterbodies, large vibrating pads placed on the surface, or other energy sources. These projects can take place in sensitive wetlands, waterbodies, and other habitats.

To protect fish, shellfish, and other wildlife from injury due to seismic exploration, LDWF requires that a seismic company apply for a permit before conducting any seismic exploration activity. The company must submit the following:

If LDWF approves the permit, the company must take additional steps before seismic exploration activity may begin:

Additional forms required by LDWF for seismic exploration activity include:

Current Public Notices

Job Name Seismic Contractor Parish Year Public Notice Job Outline

Bay Marchand 3D

Walker Marine Geophysical


2024 Bay Marchand 3D - Public Notice Bay Marchand - 3D - Job Outline

Smoke Bend 3D

Dawson Geophysical


2023 Smoke Bend - 3D - Public Notice Smoke Bend - 3D - Job Outline

Sweet Potato 3D

Precision Energy, LLC.


2022 Sweet Potato - 3D - Public Notice Sweet Potato D3 - Job Outline

Sabine Parish 3D



2022 Sabine 3D - Public Notice Sabine 3D - Job Outline

Lake Maurepas 3D


Tangipahoa, Livingston, and St. John the Baptist


Lake Maurepas 3D Public Notice 

Lake Maurepas Seismic Fact Sheet

Lake Maurepas 3D Job Outline

Rowell 16-21 HC 

Seismic Contractor-MicroSeismic, Inc.


2022 Roswell 16-21 Seismic Public Notice Roswell 16-21 Job Outline
Catahoula Lake 3D Dawson Geophysical Company


2021 Catahoula Lake 3D Public Notice Catahoula Lake 3D Job Outline
Delhi 4D Denbury Onshore, LLC Madison, Richland  2019-2020 Delhi 4D Public Notice Delhi 4D Job Outline
Credence Burried Array MicroSeismic, Inc. DeSoto  2019 Credence Public Notice Credence Job Outline
Burr Ferry 3D Dawson Geophysical Company Beauregard, Vernon  2019 Burr Ferry 3D Public Notice Burr Ferry 3D Job Outline
Bayou Boeuf 3D SAExploration Allen, Avoyelles, Evangeline, Pointe Coupee, Rapides, St. Landry  2018-2019 Bayou Boeuf 3D Public Notice Bayou Boeuf 3D Job Outline
Rapides 2D CGG Land, Inc.   Evangeline, Rapides  2018 Rapides 2D Public Notice  Rapides 2D Job Outline
Jambi 3D   Dawson Geophysical Avoyelles, Evangeline, St. Landry   2017-2018 Jambi 3D Public Notice Jambi 3D Job Outline
Mud Lake 3D Geokinetics, Inc.  Jefferson, Lafourche, Plaquemines   2017 Mud Lake 3D Public Notice Mud Lake 3D Job Outline
White Top 3D Boone Exploration, Inc.   Calcasieu  2017 White Top 3D Public Notice White Top 3D Job Outline
Fisher Lumber 3D Geokinetics, Inc.   Tensas  2017 Fisher Lumber 3D Public Notice Fisher Lumber 3D Job Outline
Longview 2D Boone Exploration, Inc.  Franklin  2017 Longview 2D Public Notice Longview 2D Job Outline
MicroSeismic—Bolan, Edgar, Carson, and Murphy  MicroSeismic, Inc. Red River   2017 MicroSeismic—Bolan, Edgar, Carson, and Murphy Public Notice MicroSeismic—Bolan, Edgar, Carson, and Murphy Job Outline
Cameron Meadows 3D Geokinetics, Inc.  Cameron  2017  Cameron Meadows 3D Public Notice Cameron Meadows 3D Job Outline
Tallulah 3D Dawson Geophysical  Bienville, Jackson, Claiborne, Lincoln   2017-2018 Tallulah 3D Public Notice Tallulah 3D Job Outline
Chapel 3D Dawson Geophysical  Jackson, Lincoln, Ouachita, Union   2016-2017 Chapel 3D Public Notice Chapel 3D Job Outline
Rescheduling of Delhi 4D Seismic Services, Inc.   Madison, Richland  2016  Rescheduling of Delhi 4D Public Notice Rescheduling of Delhi 4D Job Outline
Old Spanish Trail Phase II  Geokinetics, Inc.  Iberia, Lafayette, St. Martin, St. Mary, Vermilion  2015-2016 Old Spanish Trail Phase II Public Notice Old Spanish Trail Phase II Job Outline
Ruston 2D Boone Exploration, Inc.   Jackson  2015 Ruston 2D Public Notice Ruston 2D Job Outline
Salt Cavern 2D Geokinetics, Inc.  St. Martin  2015  Salt Cavern 2D Public Notice Salt Cavern 2D Job Outline
Franklin Gap 3D Geokinetics, Inc.   St. Mary 2015  Franklin Gap 3D Public Notice Franklin Gap 3D Job Outline
St. Helena  Hunt Energy St. Helena  2015-2016  St. Helena Public Notice St. Helena Job Outline
Gordon 3D Geokinetics, Inc. Claiborne  2015  Gordon 3D Public Notice Gordon 3D Job Outline
Old Spanish Trail 3D Geokinetics, Inc.  Iberia, St. Martin, St. Mary  2015 Old Spanish Trail 3D Public Notice Old Spanish Trail 3D Job Outline 



Regulations pertaining to seismic exploration are in Title 76, Part I, Section 301 of the Louisiana Administrative Code.