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The sport of falconry involves hunting small game with a raptor. Falconry is an active sport—falconers must monitor and follow the raptor they fly, which requires a certain level of athleticism and endurance. To practice falconry in Louisiana, you must have a Game Breeder’s License for Falconry (Falconry License) from LDWF and a current, valid Hunting License. (Falconry licenses will not be issued for pets or the pet trade/industry).

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service historically regulated the sport of falconry but transferred control of state falconry programs to individual states. Falconers are no longer required to obtain a federal falconry permit in addition to a state falconry license.


For more information, contact the LDWF Wildlife Permits Office at or 225.765.2975.


Apply for a Falconry License

You must complete the following steps before applying for a Falconry License:

  • Read and study the state falconry regulations and suggested material relative to falconry and raptor and equipment care and maintenance.
  • Locate a sponsor (LDWF’s Falconry Coordinator will assist you with this step) and participate in several hunts and raptor and equipment care and maintenance with your sponsor.
  • Pass the 100-question falconry test. Contact LDWF’s Falconry Coordinator to schedule a time to take the test.
  • Have mew design and location reviewed and approved by LDWF’s Falconry Coordinator prior to mew construction.
  • Request and pass a mew and equipment inspection.

Once these items are complete, you may submit your application.

Once you have your Falconry License, you may acquire a bird.

The license fee is $37.50 annually. There is a one-time $50 facility inspection fee. New applicants must submit their application along with a certified check or money order made payable to LDWF for $87.50.

Falconry Licenses are valid for one calendar year and expire December 31, despite when the license is issued. Licenses can be renewed annually for $37.50. Renewals will be forwarded to all licensed falconers through LDWF’s Falconry Coordinator.

Contact LDWF’s Falconry Coordinator for falconry regulations, suggested material and license application.

Falconry Levels

There are three levels of falconers: Apprentice, General, and Master. Beginning falconers start at the Apprentice level and must remain at this level for at least two years. Apprentice falconers must be sponsored by a General or Master Falconer during this time. The sponsor trains the apprentice in all aspects of falconry including properly trapping, caring for, and maintaining a raptor; raptor biology; proper hunting techniques; building a quality mew; using the necessary equipment; rules and regulations; and reporting requirements. Contact LDWF’s Falconry Coordinator for assistance in obtaining a sponsor.

Report Falconry Actvity

Falconers are required to report their activity (trapping a new bird, releasing a bird, transferring a bird, etc.) to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Falconry Coordinator via Form 3-186A within 10 days of the activity.