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Lottery Alligator Harvest

Through the Lottery Alligator Harvest Program, LDWF provides more than 900 licensed resident alligator hunters the opportunity to harvest over 2,700 alligators on 51 wildlife management areas and public lakes throughout the state. 

Lottery applications are available in May of each year. Lottery applicants must be Louisiana residents, at least 16 years of age, and comply with hunter education requirements.

Successful applicants must:

  • Purchase a resident Alligator Hunter License ($25)
  • Pay a set fee per alligator harvest tag issued ($40 per tag)
  • Appear in person at a designated time and location to receive license, tags, and specific instructions
  • Sign and abide by the Alligator Hunting Agreement
  • Follow all LDWF and all applicable WMA/public lake rules, regulations, and ordinances
  • Report alligator harvest information to LDWF.

Each successful applicant will receive three alligator harvest tags for the WMA or public lake they were selected to hunt.