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Private Land Management Assistance

LDWF’s private lands biologists offer assistance to landowners, land managers, hunting clubs, and others interested in improving habitat and/or managing wildlife on their property. Assistance varies from answering simple questions to a developing a comprehensive written management plan. Assistance is available for all wildlife and their habitats, not just traditional game species such as deer, ducks, and turkey. 

Cost and Financial Assistance

Private land management assistance is free. Private lands biologists can also provide information and resources on a variety of programs and funding sources that offer financial assistance for management activities such as prescribed burning, tree planting, establishing native grasslands, developing field borders, or invasive plant control. 

Other Natural Resource Professionals

Many landowners are already working with a natural resource professional, such as a consulting forester, or are already enrolled in state or federal management assistance programs such as LDWF's Deer Management Assistance Program, the U.S. Forest Service's Forest Stewardship Program, and/or the U.S. Department of Agriculture Natural Resource Conservation Service programs such as the Wetland Reserve Easements, Conservation Reserve Program, or Environmental Quality Incentives Program. LDWF’s private lands biologists cooperate with other natural resource professionals to achieve the landowner’s objectives. If you need assistance from another professional, a private lands biologist can also help you find one. Wildlife habitat is dynamic, and with the assistance of knowledgeable natural resource professionals, landowners can provide productive habitat for wildlife while meeting other goals they may have, such as generating income and optimizing recreational opportunities.

Partnerships and Other Projects

Private lands biologists are actively engaged with other agencies and organizations including the West-Central Louisiana Ecosystem Partnership, Louisiana/Mississippi Alluvial Valley Conservation Delivery Network, and other groups to coordinate natural resource conservation and management of private land in Louisiana.

Private lands biologists are also involved in banding migratory and resident birds, collecting biological data for wildlife research, evaluating habitat, investigating diseased wildlife, responding to nuisance animals, administering the alligator program, providing deer management assistance , and educating the public via workshops and media outlets.

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Each private lands biologist is assigned to a specific region of the state and is familiar with local conditions, activity on nearby properties, and programs that can benefit landowners and managers. Please check the map below for the private lands biologist for your region.