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WMA/Refuge/Conservation Area Licenses and Permits

If you: You must have a/an: Fees and notes:
Participate in any activity on a WMA (unless otherwise specified) Self-Clearing Permit

Free. A Self-Clearing Permit is required for ALL ACTIVITIES on WMAs. The permit consists of two portions: check-in and check-out.

  • All persons must obtain a WMA Self-Clearing Permit from a Self-Clearing Permit Station or check in/out electronically through the WMA Check-In/Check-Out app (Apple or Google Play) or web portal.
  • If checking in through a Self-Clearing Permit Station, the check-in portion must be completed and put in a permit box before each day’s activity on the day of the activity. Users may check in one day in advance of use.
  • The check-out portion must be carried by each person while on the WMA and must be completed and put in a permit box immediately upon exiting the WMA.
  • Self-Clearing Permits are not required of fishermen and boaters who enter a WMA via watercraft from outside the WMA, provided they do not get out of the watercraft and onto WMA property.
  • Self-Clearing Permits are not required for motorists traveling through the WMA provided that the most direct route is taken and no activities or stops take place.
Are a hunter age 18 to 59 and hunt on any land managed by LDWF, including WMAs, wildlife refuges, and conservation areas WMA Hunting Permit $15; available anywhere licenses are sold (online and through vendors).
Access WMAs or other LDWF-managed lands and do not have a Louisiana fishing or hunting license Wild Louisiana Stamp $9.50; a 1-day Wild Louisiana Stamp is also available for $2; available anywhere licenses are sold (online and through vendors).
Are wheelchair-bound, mobility-impaired, an upper extremity amputee, or visually-impaired and participate in special deer hunts on private and public lands, access specially designated ATV trails on WMAs, and/or hunt from ATVs Physically Challenged Hunter Permit Free. See Special Licenses and Permits for more information.
Would like to train a bird dog in a WMA Bird Dog Training Area WMA Bird Dog Training Area Permit Free. Contact your LDWF regional office for availability. 
Cut firewood for personal use in firewood harvesting areas on WMAs Firewood Cutting on WMAs Permit Free. You must also have a Basic Hunting License and sign an indemnity agreement stating that LDWF is not responsible for any injuries occurring or resulting from any actions during the firewood harvest operations. Firewood cutting is typically permitted from August through October when no firearm hunting seasons are in progress. Contact your LDWF regional office for availability.

For more information on Special Use, WMA Hardmast Collection, WMA Research, or WMA Commercial Activity permits, please contact your LDWF regional office.