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Big Colewa Bayou

For more information, contact Mitch McGee at or 318.343.4044.

Received as a donation through federal bankruptcy proceedings in 1994 and 1998, Big Colewa Bayou WMA consists of six separate units:

  • Bearskin (borders the Boeuf River with about 4,715 feet of frontage)
  • Big Colewa (straddles Big Colewa Bayou)
  • Redwing
  • New Prospect
  • Plum Grove
  • New Hope.

On all units except Bearskin, the terrain is basically flat, varying only 10 feet in elevation—85 to 95 feet above sea level. Most of the Bearskin unit is also flat, but elevation changes abruptly near the banks of the Boeuf River, from 70 to 100 feet above sea level. Roadways, pipelines, sloughs, and bayous provide some diversity throughout the area’s terrain.

Timber species on the various tracts include willow, water, and delta post oak; sweetgum; hackberry; sassafras; cedar and American elm; and pignut hickory. Bald cypress, green ash, bitter pecan, overcup oak, and black willow are found along small stream drainages. Principle understory and mid-story species include palmetto, rattan, greenbrier, trumpet creeper, poison ivy, peppervine, Japanese honeysuckle, hawthorn, deciduous holly, and swamp dogwood. LDWF has planted approximately 400 acres of agricultural land in hardwood trees.


Activities and Amenities

Hunting and trapping: Archery only deer hunting is available. Other game species include rabbit and dove. There are also limited hunting opportunities for waterfowl, woodcock, and squirrel. Big Colewa Bayou WMA has a small game emphasis area. See regulations for details.

Physically challenged wheelchair-confined deer hunting areas are available on Big Colewa Bayou WMA. There is a physically challenged deer season available by reservation only.

Fishing: Freshwater fishing is available along the Boeuf River. See regulations for details.

Birding and wildlife viewing: Dozens of species of neotropical migrants and passerine birds visit Big Colewa Bayou WMA during the northward spring migration. Black bears are sometimes found in the area.

Other: hiking, horseback riding, berry picking


The smaller units are walk-in only, but LDWF maintains an ATV/UTV trail that provides access to area users on the Bearskin unit. There is one self-clearing permit station on the Bearskin unit.


Big Colewa Bayou


West Carroll




Owner / Manager




  • Bearskin: approximately 10 miles west of Pioneer on River Road
  • Big Colewa: south end of Morgan Road, 7 miles southwest of Oak Grove
  • Redwing: east end of Bearfoot Road, 1 mile south of Redwing Community and 6 miles southwest of Oak Grove
  • New Prospect: bordered on the west by LA Hwy 585 and on the east by Bennie Fowler Road, 7 miles west of Darnell
  • Plum Grove and New Hope: 3 miles west of Darnell; no public access roads