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Target Range Grant Program


The Target Range Grant Program supports the development of safe, public, and accessible shooting facilities in Louisiana to provide and promote:

  • Additional recreational shooting and archery opportunities to the citizens of Louisiana
  • Safe and responsible firearms ownership and use
  • Shooting sports participation
  • Locations for recreational shooters, hunters, and archers to practice their skills within reasonable proximity to their homes.

This program is administered through the Wildlife Restoration Program Fund in Louisiana through the Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Act.  This federal program receives funding from federal excise tax generated by sales of certain firearms and archery equipment. 

Program Overview

LDWF provides funding to Sponsors (local governmental entities, NGO’s, commercial entities) for the planning and construction of both indoor and outdoor public target ranges and associated facilities in Louisiana.

Eligible projects include:

  • Planning and Development
  • New target range construction
  • Acquisition of easements or leases for range locations
  • Expansion or addition of new target range facilities to existing ranges
  • Improvements to or rehabilitation of existing facilities that increase user access and/or capacity.

Funding provided by this program is on a cost-reimbursement basis.  Project sponsors must initiate their approved projects with their own funds and be reimbursed up to 90 percent of total project costs.     This program awards funding for two distinct grant types:

  • Planning and Development Grants: Maximum $250,000 grant funds
  • Construction and Equipment Grants: Maximum $1,500,000 grant funds

Per federal requirements, any activities initiated or completed prior to implementing a Project Grant Agreement with LDWF, or outside the scope of such agreement, are ineligible for reimbursement.

 Sponsors must be prepared to submit many forms; undergo environmental reviews and possibly prepare mitigation plans; obtain all permits and permissions; expect audits, and supply progress reports.

If you are not deterred by this, we look forward to being your partner in providing more target-range access opportunities!


Program Requirements

Below is a summary of program requirements from LDWF’s Target Range Grant Program General Information documentApplicants must review this document prior to submitting their application for additional requirements and details.

  • Applicants requesting development funds are required to have full legal control of the property proposed for development through ownership, easement, or lease, or is obtaining such easements or leases as part of the project.
    • Land purchases are not eligible for funding.
  • In addition to an Employer Identification Number (EIN) (also referred to as a Tax Identification Number), applicants will need a federal Unique Entity Identifier (UEI) number and be registered with and Louisiana’s LAGOV vendor system to be eligible to receive program funding. Instructions for obtaining a UEI and registering in LAGOV can be found at the following links:
  • Design must be carried out by a licensed professional architectural or engineering firm, and designs must comply with all applicable local and state codes and industry standards.
  • New range projects require a classroom component for hunter and firearms education/training.
  • The sponsor must agree to assume all maintenance responsibilities, including necessary repairs and renovations as needed to ensure public use and safety for the expected useful life of the facilities.
  • The sponsor must agree to appropriately staff and operate the project for public access for the expected useful life of the facilities.
  • If selected, the project Sponsor will be responsible for obtaining all required clearances and permits, and complying with all applicable local, state, and federal laws.
  • The sponsor will be responsible for at least 10% of the total project costs.



Apply for Funding

Local sponsors can submit applications for funding to LDWF from April 1st to July 1st of each year.  Completed applications and required documentation must be submitted via LDWF’s online application.

Required documentation includes:

  1. Proof of ownership and/or legal control: The Sponsor must provide evidence of existing legal control or other documentation if an easement or lease will be obtained as part of the project.
  2. Project description: a detailed description of the project.
  3. Project vicinity, location, and geographical distribution maps: Maps clearly showing where the proposed project is located in broad and fine-scale, with current public target ranges delineated.
  4. Site photographs: Photos of the proposed site and any existing facilities
  5. Site plan/construction drawings: preliminary drawings of the proposed project for Planning and Development grants, or stamped construction drawings for Construction and Equipment grants.
  6. Budget narrative: Explanation of requested budget items and costs demonstrating a clear connection between costs and proposed project activities. Describe the methodologies used to determine cost estimates.
  7. Assurance forms: Federal documents outlining general and construction-specific regulations related to federal funding.
    1. Non-Construction (Planning and Development) assurance form.
    2. Construction assurance form
  8. Public support or notification of the project:
    1. For Planning and Development grant applications, the applicant must provide a letter or resolution of support from the political subdivision in which the project will be located at the time of application.
    2. For Construction grant applications, in addition to (a.) above, successful applicants must submit a public notification of the proposed project in the appropriate official parish journal upon notification that LDWF has recommended their proposal for funding (LDWF will assist in this process).



Project Evaluation and Approval

All projects are subject to the availability of funding.

Projects will be selected for funding through a scoring committee made up of LDWF staff and NGO/Industry partners.  If funding is available, LDWF will authorize funding and apply for a federal grant for selected projects based on the recommendations of the scoring committee.

Financial assistance cannot be provided for any work performed prior to grant approval by the USFWS and execution of the LDWF Notice of Sub-award and Grant agreement.

Sponsors are allowed one year (Planning and Development Grants) and three years (Construction and Equipment Grants) from the date of local agreement initiation to complete all project elements.


Additional Resources

National Shooting Sports Foundation Range Resources: 

NRA Training for Target Range Operators:

Archery Trade Association: Archery Range Guides:

LA Dept. of Health: Lead and Indoor Shooting Ranges:

EPA: Best Management Practices for Lead at Outdoor Ranges:


Current Public Notices

Project Sponsor Parish Year FONSI 
Finding of No Significant Impact
Project Location Project Statement
None at this time            

All questions about the above projects, including those relevant to the FONSI, may be directed to



For questions regarding the program, please contact the LDWF Range Enhancement Coordinator, Eric Shanks, via email or at 337.491.2201