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Turkey Tags

Prior to hunting turkey, all turkey hunters, regardless of age or license status, must obtain turkey tags. They must also have the tags in their possession while hunting turkey.

Immediately after harvesting a turkey, the hunter must tag the turkey with the appropriate carcass tag before moving it from where it was killed. The hunter must record the date and parish of kill on the carcass tag and record the date of kill on the corresponding tag number on the harvest report card portion of the turkey tag license. 

The hunter must keep the tag attached to the turkey while keeping the turkey at camp and while transporting it to the hunter’s home or a cold storage facility. Hunters who keep the carcass or meat at camp must also comply with resident game possession tag regulations (see below).

Within 72 hours of harvesting the turkey, the hunter must validate the harvest either by phone (225.267.9998) or online.

Harvest information collected through tagging and validation provides an additional index for turkey population levels; we use this information when considering changes to seasons and bag limits.


Hunters now have the option to tag and validate their turkey harvest directly from their smartphone (via text). Learn more about electronic text-to-tag.


How to Get Your Tags (includes lifetime and senior license holders)

  1. Go to
  2. Click "Get Tags"
  3. If you have not claimed your tags for this year, click the first option. 
  4. Locate your account using your SSN, LDWF number, or Driver's License number. 
  5. You may be asked to update or verify your account information. Click Next or Submit.
  6. Answer the Louisiana residency question and disclaimer. 
  7. Select the Hunting category either on the left menu, or on mobile devices, in the dropdown menu at the top. 
  8. Press the + button next to Deer and/or Turkey tags. If you already hold a Lifetime or Senior license on this account, your cart total will be $0. 
  9. Click "Checkout"
  10. Make a selection for donation to Hunters for the Hungry
  11. Click "Submit Payment"
  12. Click "Download License" to download and print your tags.  

Replacing Lost Tags

Hunters can obtain duplicate tags to replace lost tags for a fee from any license vendor. Hunters who have harvested turkeys prior to losing their remaining tags must remove and discard the duplicate tags to account for the original tags that have been used and validated. Hunters must record these validated turkeys on the duplicate turkey tag license. 

Possession Tags

You must tag any part(s) of a turkey that has been divided with the name, date, address, and LDWF license number of the person who harvested the turkey. You must write this information legibly in pen or pencil on any piece of paper, cardboard, or material which is attached to, secured to, or enclosing the part or parts. You may use the Resident Game Possession Tags provided in the most recent regulations booklet for this purpose.