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Report a Boat Theft

If your boat is stolen, immediately notify local law enforcement authorities and provide the boat registration number, hull identification number, serial number of the motor, the owner's name and mailing address, and any distinctive boat markings. Request that law enforcement enter the stolen boat information into the crime information network.

Please include a copy of the police report with this completed Boat Theft Report and submit it to LDWF.

You should also notify the harbormaster, your insurance company, and other marinas and dealers. 


For more information, call 225-765-2984 or email

Lost, Destroyed, or Abandoned Boats

When a registered boat is lost, destroyed, or abandoned, the owner must notify their local law enforcement agency to initiate an investigation. The owner must also notify LDWF’s Law Enforcement Division to change the status of the vessel and notify LDWF’s Boat Registration staff in writing to the address listed below to cancel the registration.

Attn: Boat Registration/Boat and Motor Title Application
PO Box 14796
Baton Rouge, LA 70898