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Oyster Season

For more information, contact Carolina Bourque at or 337.735.8726.

Commercial and recreational oyster seasons are the same. No one may harvest oysters at night (one-half hour after sunset until one-half hour before sunrise), from public oyster areas nor private leases. 

LDWF manages approximately 1.7 million acres of public oyster areas in Louisiana. Every July, LDWF takes a census of the oysters found on public areas. Biologists collect and record data from hundreds of oyster samples across Louisiana’s coast. They use these data to estimate the oyster stock size and recommend when the annual season for public oyster areas should be. This season typically runs from the first Wednesday following Labor Day in September through April 30 of the following year. However, the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission can open and close the season when biological data indicate a need. For the most current status, see the information below.

The Louisiana Department of Health may periodically close areas for public health concerns. Check LDH’s website or call 800.256.2775 for more information.

The owner of a private oyster lease or his duly-authorized agents may fish oysters on the lease throughout the year, unless it is closed by LDH.


Current Status of Public Oyster Areas

The 2021-2022 oyster season was set on October 7, 2021, at the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission meeting. 


2021 - 2022 Oyster Season Maps

Area / Public Ground Season Limit
East of MS River, North of MRGO No season N/A 
East of MS River, South of MRGO No season N/A 
Sister Lake - Bedding CLOSED CLOSED
Sister Lake - Sacking Only (3 inches or larger) CLOSED CLOSED
Lake Tambour, Lake Chien, Lake Felicity, Deep Lake, Lake Mechant, Barataria, Little Lake No season N/A 
Hackberry Lake No season N/A 
Vermilion/Atchafalaya Basin No season N/A 
Calcasieu Lake
(East Side and West Cove)