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June 21, 2024

Cas-Cas Road Reopened on Grassy Lake Wildlife Management Area, LDWF Announces

June 11, 2024

Main Road Reopened on Russell Sage Wildlife Management Area, LDWF Announces

June 7, 2024

LDWF Announces Bid Process for Alligator Hunting on Certain WMAs, WCAs and Refuges for 2024 Alligator Harvest Seasons

May 24, 2024

LDWF Closes Catfish Bayou Road, Blount Road and Goose Lake Road in Richard K. Yancey WMA

May 24, 2024

Woodworth Shooting Range to be Closed May 31-June 1, LDWF Announces

May 23, 2024

LDWF Warns Public of Potential Fish Kills Statewide

May 22, 2024

LDWF Closes Cas-Cas Road in Grassy Lake WMA Due to Flooding

May 17, 2024

LDWF to Extend Deadline for Online Application Submission for Commercial and Charter Vessel Access Grant Program as Part of the Louisiana 2019 Flood Disaster Grant

May 16, 2024

Reminder: LDWF Needs Your Input on the Draft 2020/2021 Hurricane Disaster Spend Plan

May 10, 2024

LDWF Alligator Lottery Harvests on WMAs and Other Public Grounds Announced