Dove Hunting

2017-2018 Season

South Zone

Sept 2-10, Oct 7 – Nov 26, Dec 17 – Jan 15

North Zone

Sept 2 – 24, Oct 7 – Nov 12, Dec 17 – Jan 15

The dove hunting hours will be one-half hour before sunrise to sunset on all dates in each split, EXCEPT on Sept. 2 opening day on state wildlife management areas and LDWF leased fields, where the hunting hours will be 12 noon to sunset. EXCEPTIONS: Elbow Slough WMA lottery hunt participants will also hunt from ½ hour before sunrise to 12:00 noon on Sept. 2 and 3.

Note that on state wildlife management areas and LDWF leased fields non-toxic shot only is required when hunting doves; no lead shot is allowed.

Dove Hunting Zones

The following boundary divides the state into North and South dove season zones: Beginning at the Texas-Louisiana border on La. Hwy. 12; thence east along La. Hwy. 12 to its intersection with U.S. Hwy. 190; thence east along U.S. Hwy. 190 to its intersection with Interstate 12; thence east along I-12 to its intersection with Interstate 10; then east along I-10 to the Mississippi state line.

Bag Limit

Mourning and white-winged doves and fully dressed Eurasian collared- and ringed turtle-doves: Daily bag limit 15 in aggregate, Possession 45 in aggregate, but note: there is no bag limit on Eurasian collared-doves or ringed turtle-doves provided that a fully feathered wing and head remain attached to the carcass of the bird. Fully dressed Eurasian-collared doves and ringed-turtle doves (those without a fully feathered wing and head naturally attached to the carcass) shall be included in the aggregate bag.

Private Dove Lease Fields

Second Split Opening Day Only (Saturday October 07)

Ragley: strips mowed throughout 700 acres cover crop of sorghum sudan, barnyard grass, pearl millet, cowpeas and sun hemp.  Intersection of Chris Cormier and Leon Dartez Rd, on the southwest side of Texas Eastern Rd, 6.4 miles south of Hwy 190.  Dogs allowed, ATV’s allowed only on field roads.  Contact Kori Legleu at 337-491-2575 for more information.

All hunters will need a daily permit.
•    Hunters under 18 are required to have a permit, but will not be charged for the permit.  

Only non-toxic shot size 6 and smaller may be used. No lead shot is to be used.

2017- 2018 Public Dove Hunting Opportunities on WMAs