LDWF to Open Shrimp Season In a Portion Of Louisiana Offshore Waters March 17

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries announced the shrimp season will reopen in a portion of state outside waters seaward of Terrebonne Parish at 6 a.m. on Friday, March 17.

The area extends a distance of three nautical miles, seaward of the Inside/Outside Shrimp Line, from the northwest shore of Caillou Boca at -90 degrees 50 minutes 27 seconds west longitude westward to the eastern shore of the Atchafalaya River Ship Channel at Eugene Island as delineated by the channel red buoy line.

According to the most recent trawl samples taken by LDWF biologists, small white shrimpthat had been in these waters since January have reached marketable sizes, and the closure is no longer necessary. Significant numbers of smaller size white shrimp still remain in State Outside Waters west of the Atchafalaya River Ship Channel to the western shore of Freshwater Bayou Canal at -92 degrees 18 minutes 33 seconds west longitude, and these waters will remain closed to shrimping until further notice.

The opening dates for the 2017 spring inshore shrimp season will be considered by the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission at their May 4 meeting.

See above for a map detailing this opening.

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Tow Time Regulations Reminder

Federal Turtle Excluder Device (TED) regulations require skimmer net fishermen to limit tow times. Maximum tow times are 55 minutes from April 1 to October 31 and increase to 75 minutes from November 1 to March 31.

Please Report Hangs

The Fishermen's Gear Compensation Fund is for fishing gear lost within the Louisiana coastal zone due to unreported obstructions. Only one application is taken for a given location. Application packets are available, and the known sites are published, on the Department of Natural Resources website. Recent sites are listed in the Louisiana Sea Grant's Louisiana Lagniappe newsletter. Only commercial fishermen earning more than 50% of their income from fishing are eligible to apply.

For more information, contact Jeffrey Marx (337) 373-0032 or