LA Creel

LDWF launched the Louisiana Recreational Creel Survey (LA Creel) to provide precise, weekly estimates of recreational fish harvests. LA Creel uses a combination of data gathered through interviews at public fishing areas and weekly phone and email surveys to produce these estimates.

The accuracy and reliability of these harvest estimates depend on angler participation in LA Creel, so we need as many anglers as possible to complete both dockside and phone and email surveys. For example, thanks to the support of Louisiana anglers, LDWF biologists surveyed 30,330 anglers and 1,794 charter trips in 2015, counting nearly 83,500 fish. Such extensive monitoring gives managers more confidence in these data and provides a better foundation for sound, timely management of our recreational fisheries.

LA Creel replaced the federal Marine Recreational Information Program (MRIP), which was developed by NOAA Fisheries to collect recreational fisheries harvest data nationwide. LDWF fully implemented LA Creel on January 1, 2014 at marinas and boat launches throughout Louisiana. LDWF is currently working with NOAA Fisheries to certify the LA Creel program. Once LA Creel is certified, data from the program can be used in future Gulf of Mexico stock assessments and management decisions.

Help Us Make LA Creel Even Better

We use our saltwater fishing license database to conduct email and phone surveys to supplement data collected through dockside surveys. For the email and phone surveys to be successful, we need saltwater anglers to provide accurate contact information when they get or renew their fishing licenses. Click on the image below to update your address, phone number, and/or email.

Want to Know More?

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