Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries enforcement agents cited four subjects for alleged alligator violations on April 10 in Assumption Parish.

Agents cited Boyd Bumbera, 23, from Brookshire Texas, Baron Vargas, 27, from Houston Texas, Manuel Gomez, 33, from Houston Texas, and Jesus Fajardo, 35, from Baytown, Texas, for taking an alligator during a closed season.

Agents received a complaint of a deceased alligator located at the Gator Corner Truck Stop in Pierre Part.  Agents responded to the scene and documented a bullet hole in the alligators head.

Agents then reviewed surveillance footage from the truck stop and identified the four Texas residents as the people responsible for the alligator.  The season for this area of the state opens on the last Wednesday in August.

Taking an alligator during a closed season brings a $400 to $950 fine and up to 120 days in jail.  The subjects may also face civil restitution totaling $375 for the replacement value of the illegally taken alligator.

Agents involved in the case are Sgt. Gerald Sander and Senior Agent Jeremy Foret.