Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) Enforcement Division agents will be assisting Louisiana State Police and New Orleans Police Department with patrol during Mardi Gras this upcoming weekend until Wednesday.

LDWF agents will be providing these patrols to assist with crowd control, enforcement and public safety from Friday, Feb. 9 until Wednesday, Feb. 14.

“We are happy to provide this assistance during a very important and busy weekend in New Orleans,” said LDWF Secretary Madison Sheahan.  “We are hopeful this increased enforcement presence will make for a more enjoyable and safer experience for the public.”

Agents will specifically be on the lookout for illegally possessed animals in the French Quarter area for the safety of the residents and tourists in the city.  LDWF biologists will accompany agents on these patrols to help with the safe handling of any potential seizures of illegally possessed animals. 

Anyone illegally possessing animals could be fined up to $500 and have their animals seized.


About LDWF:
The mission of LDWF is to manage, conserve, and promote wise utilization of Louisiana’s renewable fish and wildlife resources and their supporting habitats through replenishment, protection, enhancement, research, development, and education for the social and economic benefit of current and future generations; to provide opportunities for knowledge of and use and enjoyment of these resources; and to promote a safe and healthy environment for the users of the resources.

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