A bill was signed into law by Governor Jeff Landry on May 24, which adds Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) enforcement vehicles to the list of vehicles exempt from window tinting regulations.

House Bill 458, authored by Representative Bryan Fontenot of District 55, adds LDWF enforcement patrol vehicles to be exempt from window tinting regulations like other law enforcement patrol vehicles in Louisiana.

LDWF would like to thank Governor Landry and Representative Fontenot for their support of our Enforcement Division as they work towards our mission to protect, manage, and conserve our Sportsman’s Paradise.

The old law exempted all publicly owned law enforcement vehicles from window tint regulations except for LDWF vehicles. The new law adds LDWF patrol vehicles to those excluded from statutory window tint requirements. Window tint in patrol vehicles provides enhanced officer safety, protection of equipment, and comfort from blocking UV rays and heat during summer months.