Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries enforcement agents cited two Bastrop men for alleged deer hunting violations that occurred on Jan. 14 in Morehouse Parish.

Agents cited Cody D. Smith, 29, on Jan. 23 for taking deer without possessing a basic hunting license, deer hunting license and deer tags.  On Jan. 28, agents cited Nicholas Sumrall, 26, for allowing another person to use his deer tags.

Agents received information that Smith harvested a deer from his porch near Bastrop without hunting licenses.  Agents made contact with Smith and he admitted to harvesting an eight-point deer with a rifle on Jan. 14 without possessing hunting licenses and tags.  Agents also learned that Smith used Sumrall’s deer tag for the deer Smith harvested.

Hunting without a basic hunting license, deer license and deer tags and allowing another person to use deer tags brings up to a $350 fine for each offense.  Agents seized the deer antlers in association with the case.

Smith faces civil restitution totaling $2,033 for the replacement value of the illegally taken deer.