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  • Scientific Name:

    Coluber flagellum
  • Terrestrial

  • Native

  • Snakes

  • Nonvenomous


A large snake ranging between 41 and 84 inches. Black/dark brown on the head and gradually becoming pale toward the posterior/tail. Underside is dirty white or pink. Juveniles are tan with narrow, irregular black crossbars on the body. The scales are smooth and in 17 rows. Named coachwhip due to their braided appearance created by the pattern of the scales on the tail.

Range and Habitat

Inhabit upland portions of the Florida Parishes, upland parts of central and northern Louisiana, and the pine flatwoods west of Lake Charles; prefer dry, open pinelands and mixed woods.


Fast-moving; climb trees and shrubs readily to escape capture. Will become aggressive when cornered, often striking and vibrating their tail. Once captured individuals will often feign death and become limp. Lay between 4 and 24 (usually 12 to 17) eggs. Diet consists of lizards, invertebrates, and other snakes.

Population Status

Ranked as S4 (apparently secure) in Louisiana.

More Information/References

Amphibians and Reptiles of Louisiana: An Identification and Reference Guide