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Texas Brown Tarantula

  • Scientific Name:

    Aphonopelma hentzi
  • Native


A typically docile, large, hairy spider. Can grow to approximately 4 inches or more in legspan. Mostly rich brown to dark brown in color with a lighter brown cephalothorax.

Range and Habitat

Found west of the Mississippi River to Colorado and New Mexico. In Louisiana, can be found in central to north central Louisiana and westward to Texas. Live in many different habitats from forests to grasslands; in Louisiana, it seems to prefer sandy uplands where it burrows under rocks and logs.


A rarely seen denizen of Louisiana because it spends most of its life cycle hiding in burrows. During mating season in spring and summer, females and particularly males may become more active as they search for mates, crossing roadways in upland, open pine forests. Although much more prone to flee and hide than attack, when cornered, this species can inflict a painful bite and may fling urticating hairs, which are irritating to skin and dangerous if cast into the eyes.

Population Status

Not currently ranked globally (GNR); ranked as S3 (rare) in Louisiana. Widespread and common in a variety of habitats throughout its range but considered rare in Louisiana due to low population numbers and reduction in suitable habitat.

More Information/References

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