The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) is warning hunters and anglers that danger lurks in the debris and hazards left in waterways and hunting areas in the southeast region of the state by Hurricane Ida.

The warning is especially significant now as teal season opens statewide on Saturday (Sept. 11).

LDWF recommends that hunters and anglers use extreme caution and follow public safety guidelines established in each parish. Be aware that emergency medical services maybe limited and there are only a few fully functioning hospitals in this region.

Some parishes are also under curfews and sportsmen should be aware of those before venturing out.

The Aug. 29 strike of Ida caused tremendous destruction in many areas, including blowing down and snapping trees and tree branches in this region.

Hunters will no doubt observe many downed or damaged trees. There will also be trees that are on the verge of falling, or broken limbs hung up on other limbs awaiting a breeze to push them to the ground. That makes being aware of your surroundings of the utmost importance.

Many areas where hunters have spent years hunting could look different due to the altered landscape. LDWF reminds hunters it is important to have working navigation equipment (GPS) and a charged cell phone in case there is an emergency.

LDWF recommends that anglers and hunters tell someone their destination and when they plan to return.

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